Digital Dental X-Ray

Digital Dental X-Ray

Digital Dental Radiographs

Treating an infected tooth can be challenging task. Since the roots are deep inside the gums, it is hard to locate the roots of infected tooth. In such cases, digital x-ray is used by the dentist to get a clear image of your teeth. But if the digital x-ray machine used by the dentist does not have high imaging quality then it can lead into wrongly performed treatment. At Abhirachna Dental clinic, we have the best digital x-ray machines that have high imaging quality. The clinic aims at providing best quality digital dental x-ray in Delhi.

X-Rays in Dental treatment- purpose and types

Digital Full Mouth Xray

X-rays or radiographs can be extremely useful in dental treatments. They are used by the dentist for both preventive and diagnostic purposes. The radiographs expose teeth from inside and beneath the gums. They help in detecting problems like cavities, infections and gum diseases etc.

Digital X-ray or digital radiograph

  • Digital x-ray is a new technique in the field of radiographs. The x-ray film is now replaced by sensors or electronic pads. A computer is used to view or store the image. This image can be printed out, if required. Digital x-rays can highlight the minor differences between previously taken images and freshly taken images. This helps in detecting the changes that may occur in an infected tooth over a certain time period. These x-rays have less radiation exposure as compared to all other x-rays.
Full Mouth Dental OPG X ray

Full Mouth Dental X-ray in South Delhi

In order to get a suitable treatment for your teeth, you will need a full mouth x-ray that is taken by using digital x-ray machines with less radiation exposure. Abhirachna Dental clinic offers a digital full mouth x-ray in South Delhi. The OPG scan cost in Delhi starts at Rs. 700. Our Centre is equipped with Planmeca OPG from finland considered to be the best for digital imaging.


    How often do I need Digital X-rays?

    We all have different oral health issues that can only be examined and evaluated by a dentist. Therefore, only your dentist can tell you whether or not you need X-rays.  Visit your dentist at Abhirachna Dental clinic to get your oral health evaluated.

    Are Digital X-rays safe?

    Yes, Digital x-rays are safe as they are especially designed to minimize the radiation exposure. However, your dentist may recommend wearing a leaded apron or collar as an added protection. Make sure to inform your dentist in the cases of pregnancy.