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Dry Chapped Lips Causes and Treatment in Delhi

Lips are one of the crucial assets of an individual’s personality. Like every other aspect of the body, lips also require a lot of care from time to time. Therefore, it is crucial to take care of the lips regularly. Dry, chapped lips are one of the most common changes which occur in the lips of an individual irrespective of gender and age. There are several causes of dry, chapped lips that need to be considered while planning the treatments of such lips. This ensures that the chapped lips get healed without much delay.

Causes of dry, chapped lips:

  • Environmental factors such as weather and UV-radiation usually cause our lips to feel and get dry. This happens during the winters and in case of excessive exposure of sunlight.
  • Dehydration is quite common these days, and most of the individuals suffer from it. This is because the level of intake of water will determine whether the body is hydrated or not.
  • Infections around the mouth or skin attached to the lips can have an impact on the lips. These ailments lead to excessive drying of the lips.
  • Allergies are another reason which leads to dry, chapped lips. If any of the oral hygiene products like mouthwashes or kinds of toothpaste comprise of ingredients from which you are allergic, then it can lead to dry, chapped lips.
  • Patients who take specific supplements such as vitamin A, chemotherapy drugs, retinoids, and lithium also have high chances of being affected with dry, chapped lips.

Dry, chapped lips treatment in Delhi:

Each of the changes in our body requires a remedy or treatment if it severe the overall well-being. Dry, chapped lips can be troublesome after a certain time. There are several fundamental to long-term treatment solutions for dry, chapped lips. 

Some of the primary to advanced treatments for dry, chapped lips includes the following:

  • Applying lip balm regularly can help out individuals suffering from dry, chapped lips.
  • Increasing water intake can also help in gradually improving the texture of the lips.
  • One must take precautions in severe cold weather to avoid the severe impact of such intense weather on the lips.
  • To achieve effective long-term results, one can opt for expert solutions like filler treatments. Certain products utilized in the filler treatments comprise components such as hyaluronic acid. This component has a natural tendency to attract water. Therefore, after the filler substances are injected in the lips of the patients, it leads to an overall improvement of the lips. The before and after-effects of the filler treatments are worth appreciating.

Filler treatments have proven helpful for several patients irrespective of their lip texture, age, or gender. The demand for these modern-day treatments has boosted significantly. Dr. Abhishek Bhardwaj and his team at Abhirachna Dental & Skin Care Clinic are doing an excellent job for patients who are seeking medical treatment for dry, chapped lips. You can visit Abhirachna Dental & Skin Care Clinic based in South Delhi, India and get yourself a long-term solution like filler treatments.

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