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Hair Regrowth Transplant Types and Cost in Delhi

Hair forms a valuable asset in our lives. When the growth of the hair is affected, then the volume of the hair on the scalp gets reduced over time. To overcome this phase of loss of hair or even baldness in the respective individual’s hair regrowth transplant is brought as a solution into the industry. Hair transplantation works on a simple concept. Here, the hair follicles in the patient are taken from the donor site. These follicles are surgically placed in the recipient site where the hair growth takes place over the following months after the procedure is completed.

Types of Hair Regrowth Transplant:

There are two different types of hair regrowth transplant which includes slit grafts and micrografts. Slit grafts contain more number of hairs in every graft when compared to micrografts. The former type comprises of 5 to 10 hair strands every graft and later type consists of 1 or 2 hairs in each of the chosen drafts.

Hair transplant in Delhi is performed as per the case of the patient. Here any of the two most recommended techniques are chosen for hair transplant. This includes Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Steps of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT):

  • First, the surgeon removes a strip of skin from the scalp. The location chosen is usually the back portion of the head.
  • The incision created is closed with the help of stitches.
  • The strip of skin is divided during the surgery and then placed in different sections as per the case of the patient. The hairs present in these sections grow and eventually improve the appearance of the concerned individual.

The Follicular Unit Extraction mainly involves the creation of several tiny holes in the recipient area on the scalp. Here the hair follicles are placed for hair growth. Later, based on the recommendation of the surgeon, a bandage is placed after some days to cover the area of the recipient. This completes the procedure of hair transplant. Specific side effects might occur in the patients who must be prevented with the right measures as per the suggestion of the hair transplant surgeon. This includes swelling of the scalp, infection, bleeding, inflammation, and itching. With the implementation of the proper measures, patients can successfully prevent the occurrence of most of the side effects. The surgeries associated with regrowth of hair usually provide impressive results and boost the confidence levels of the respective patients.

The hair regrowth transplant procedure has helped several patients visiting Abhirachna Dental & Skin Care Clinic based in South Delhi, India with unbelievable results after the process gets completed. Visit the clinic today, consult the hair transplant experts for your hair loss related problems, and receive hassle-free solutions for the same.

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