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Painless Lip Reduction Surgery Treatment, Recovery & Cost in Delhi

Lip Reduction Surgery Delhi

Men and women undergo lip augmentation scheme to enhance the size of the upper and/or lower lips. However, there are some people out there that believe that their lips aren’t in symmetry with the whole face and are too wide. The Lip Reduction procedure is intended to decrease the size of the lips that can hinder with eating, drinking and gain harmony between the upper and lower lips.

Lip reduction surgery

It is conducted under restricted anesthesia and a patient is not obligated to stay at the hospital. It is done as an outpatient system. However, it might be conducted under sedation or usual anesthesia if a case is enduring multiple procedures or if a person seems more comfortable being inattentive during the procedure. During the procedure, the Plastic Surgeon forms a straight incision on the inner side of the lip. Then excess coats of tissue and fat are extracted and the cut is closed with the stitches. It can be done on both upper and lower lips for enhancing the appearance and setting out characteristics of the face.

The ideal patient for lip reduction surgery

People who have generally large-sized lips are good applicants for lip reduction surgery in Delhi. In summation, it can also be completed on individuals who are troubled with the effects of a lip enlargement procedure done before. Also, one should be in excellent health, have practical expectations, stopped smoking at least a month or two before and after the surgery and have a confident attitude.


Although people who experience this surgery do encounter minor pain when related to more invasive methods such as eyelid operation or facelift, they also disappear within a few weeks’ time. Make certain that you follow the directions given by the doctor for timely and fast healing. Apply medicine and ice bags to the lips for reducing swelling and pain. In some cases, water-soluble sutures are used which suggests stitches do not have to be expelled later.

Lip Reduction Surgery Costs

As far as lip reshaping cost is viewed, it usually depends on the operation – whether it is just the lip reduction surgery in Delhi or blends of various cosmetic surgery methods. Make sure that you consult the cosmetic surgeon for price and other perspectives related to lip reduction surgery.


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