Periodontics refers to the branch of dentistry that deals with the problems related to the structures that surrounds and supports teeth. In specific, periodontics focuses on the prevention and diagnosis of gum diseases or periodontal diseases. A periodontist makes sure that periodontal diseases are taken care by administrating proper periodontics treatment and dental implants. Abhirachna Dental clinic has qualified periodontists that provide periodontics treatment in Delhi.

Periodontal disease - types and symptoms

Periodontal is medical term which in general means gums disease. Gum disease has three phases – gingivitis, periodontics and advanced periodontics.

Periodontitis develops after the prolong treatment of first stage of gum disease—Gingivitis. In gingivitis the gums tend to get inflamed due to poor oral hygiene resulting from a thick film of bacteria called plaque. This condition of inflammation gets more serious in the second stage – Periodontitis.

The symptoms of Periodontitis are bright red swollen gums that are tender to touch, formation of periodontal pockets due to the spaces between teeth, bad breath, buildup of pus between gums and teeth, and loose teeth.

In the Advanced Periodontitis, the gum disease gets worse with the loss of fibers and bone that surrounds teeth and gums. The shift in teeth caused to the destruction of bone may result into teeth extraction if the infection spreads further.

The symptoms of advanced periodontitis are swollen gums, chronic bad breath, severe bleeding and receding gums, loose and misaligned teeth and periodontics pockets.


Periodontal disease treatment in Delhi

Periodontal disease can result into improper bite with severe pain that may persist for long time if left untreated. But if treated by an unprofessional that it may result into loss of teeth causing more harm. Therefore, visit Abhirachna Dental clinic for periodontal disease treatment in Delhi. The periodontists at the clinic makes sure that their patients get proper treatment. They are experts in both non-surgical and surgical treatments.                      

The non-surgical methods include scaling and root planning, whereas, the surgical treatments include flap surgery, gum grafting and bone grafting. The gum grafting surgery costs around Rs. 18000 per tooth. The cost for both bone grafting and flap surgery is around Rs. 10000.

Periodontal Treatment in Delhi

    Before & After Perio Gums Treatment

    Perio Gums Treatment in Delhi - Before
    Perio-Gums-Treatment in Delhi - After

    Before & After Scaling & Polishing

    Scaling & Polishing in Delhi - Before
    Scaling & Polishing in Delhi - After


    When should I make an appointment with my dentist?

    If you notice symptoms like swollen red gums, bleeding gums, bad taste or bad breath and feel pain while chewing food or have sensitivity to cold/hot foods then you should immediately make an appointment with your dentist. Prolonged treatment can cause severe toothache worse the condition of your gums that may cause tooth loss.

    Do receding gums grow back?

    No, receding gums can’t grow back. The process of receding gums can be stopped or delayed by certain treatments. Your dentist can be the best source for such information.

    What kind of foods should I eat post periodontal treatment?

    Add soft and cool foods into your diet. Eat well cooked vegetables, ice creams, bananas etc. Avoid tough foods like meat etc as they are hard to chew. Do not consume tea, coffee, and red wine, and do not chew tobacco or smoke.

    How long does the gum flap surgery take to heal?

    Gum flap surgery takes around two weeks to heal. However, post surgery you may feel soreness in your mouth but that can be cured through the medicines prescribed by your periodontist.

    How can I keep my gums healthy?

    In order to keep your gums healthy, ensure that you brush your teeth regularly. Rinse your mouth with an alcoholic mouth wash. Do not eat foods that have sugar in it. Do not smoke or chew tobacco. Maintain appointments with your dentist at Abhirachna Dental clinic.