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What is Vampire Facelift? Know About Vampire Facial Treatment Procedure in Delhi

Appearing much younger than one’s real age is the dream of every individual. Thanks to the evolutions occurring in the cosmetic treatment industry, various effective solutions are now available for the respective individuals. Vampire facelift (a.k.a., a Selphyl treatment or PRP) is one such cosmetic procedure that has ensured that patients can look much younger than their real age. The main aim of this procedure is to remove the present wrinkles and take measures to prevent the occurrence of the same.

Vampire facelift is also known as vampire facial in some of the cases. Vampire facelift in Delhi is one of the significant alternatives preferred in the present times where surgeries are not required. This medical procedure does not involve surgical steps, which provides concerned patient immense relief while opting for the process. The major advantage of this procedure is that of the reduced speed of aging for most individuals. This cosmetic procedure will provide the best results such that this procedure needs to be repeated after one year. Also, the patient will have a boost in the RBC count, which aids in preventing the occurrence of skin allergies. This advanced procedure does not utilize chemicals, thus proving to be beneficial in the long-term.

There are several cases where vampire facelift is advised to the patients. Some of the cosmetic defects include acne, post-acne; minor to moderate levels of wrinkles, the requirement of skin restoration after peeling procedures, and face hyper pigmentation. The cosmetic procedure provides commendable results to the individuals who are suffering from the same.

The Procedure of Vampire Facelift:

This medical procedure comprises of 3 main steps. This includes blood sampling as the first step. The amount of blood utilized varies between 20 ml to 100 ml depending on the recommendation of the surgeon and the case of the patient. The plasma element from the blood sample is taken out for the procedure. Plasma contributes to the production of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid inside our body. These components ensure that the facial skin showcases the youthfulness and freshness for a long period based on the maintenance schedule of the patient. With the help of the specialized syringes, the plasma is inserted into the focus areas of the facial skin. This procedure is safe to a great extent as no external components or products are added into the skin of the patient.

Thus, a vampire facelift procedure is an innovative method in the field of cosmetic procedures. It is gaining popularity at a rapid rate, depending on the priorities of the concerned individuals. If you want to know if vampire facelift is something for you, then reach Abhirachna Dental & Skin Care Clinic based at South Delhi, India and speak to the expert doctors and surgeon at the centre.

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