Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Do you want to get rid of baldness? Do you have thinning hair? Do you want to regain the hair that got lost due to head injury or burn? If yes, then you can consider getting hair transplant.  It can restore your lost hair.

Hair transplant is a surgery where the maxillofacial surgeon removes hair and transplants them onto bald areas. The hairs are generally moved from thicker areas of the scalp like back or sides.  The hairs are then grafted into thinning area or bald areas.

Hair Transplant in South Delhi

    Types of Hair Transplant

    There are two types of hair transplant:

    1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

    The procedure for this type of transplant is as follows:

    • The surgeon will shave off the hair on the back side of your scalp.
    • Individual follicles are taken out of the skin scalp. You may notice tiny marks at the place of removed follicles.
    • The removed hair is transplanted with FUT procedure by making small holes in the scalp by using grafting technique.
    • The surgical site is then covered by with gauze or bandages.

    2.Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

    The procedure for this type of transplant is as follows:

    • A piece of your scalp will be removed by using a scalpel. The size of the removed strip is around 6 to 10 inches.
    • The area (from where the piece of scalp is removed) is closed with stitches.
    • The piece of scalp is divided into smaller strips using a scalpel. The surgeon splits the big strip into as many as 2000 smaller strips. These smaller strips are called grafts. The grafts can have one or more hair.
    • The surgeon will makes small holes in your scalp to transplant the strips.
    • The hair is now removed from the small strip and inserted into the small holes. This process is called grafting. The numbers of grafts you receive will depend on color and quality of hair, type of hair and size of the transplant site.
    • After grafting, the surgical site is covered with gauze or bandages.

    Post Treatment Care Instructions

    • Do not wash your hair for few days after the treatment. Make sure to use mild shampoos only for first few weeks.
    • Do not use comb or brush over the newly planted grafts for first few weeks after the surgery.
    • Prefer not to wear hats or pullovers as they may rub against the newly planted grafts.

    Complications or Risks Associated with the Surgery



    Bruising around the eyes


    Crust at the site of surgery

    Folliculitis- infection or inflammation of the hair follicles

    Numbness at the site of surgery

    Temporary loss of newly transplanted hair


    Hair Transplant in Delhi

    If you are looking for best hair transplant in Delhi the look no further then Abhirachna Dental clinic. This clinic provides hair transplant in South Delhi. The treatment is performed under utmost care and is both safe and effective. Getting hair transplant from less experienced surgeon can result into undesired results. The hair transplant cost in Delhi ranges from Rs. 40000 to Rs. 85000.