Dental Implants

Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are made up of titanium or zirconia that are inserted in the jaw bones and act just like the tooth roots of your natural teeth. With this, the implants are surgically placed in the jawbones beneath the gums and then the dentist can immediately connect the implant to a temporary restoration that looks and feels just like your natural tooth. At Abhirachna Dental clinic, the dentists have an expertise in placing dental implants. The clinic has dedicated team of professionals that provide best dental implants in Delhi.

Dental Implants in Delhi

Dental Implants-purpose and function

When a tooth or more teeth go missing, dental crowns & bridges are called replacement teeth, which are used to replace any tooth that is missing or beyond repair. They can be placed on natural teeth or on dental implants, or dentures are generally used as replacement. However, using ordinary crowns, bridges or dentures can be quite uncomfortable. Some people find it hard to speak or chew food with such false teeth. These false teeth do not have a fixed position or they are not rooted to the gums. Therefore, they tend to slip or shift in mouth while speaking or chewing food.

Thus, Dental implants function through surgically promoted replacement for the roots of teeth. Since they are fixed in the jawbones, they provide stability to artificial teeth. False teeth like crowns or dentures that are mounted on the frames or posts don’t slip of shift while speaking or chewing food. The dental implants give a natural look to the false teeth even though they are not natural. You can get dental implants for single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth and even for all missing teeth. All you need to do is to visit your dentist and get the surgery done.

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BioHorizons Dental Implants in Delhi
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Dental Implants in South Delhi

Do you have a missing tooth? Are you embarrassed to smile because of the empty space at place of missing tooth? If yes, then you can give your smile a new makeover at Abhirachna Dental Clinic by getting dental implants in South Delhi.

The Dental Implants cost in Delhi is between Rs. 18000 – Rs. 45000. However, the dental implants cost varies from clinic to clinic depending on the type of tooth, number of teeth, the material, design of the implant and the skill of the clinician.

    Before & After - Multiple Teeth Implants

    Multiple Teeth Implants in Delhi Before
    Multiple Teeth Implants in Delhi - After

    Before & After - Single Tooth Implant

    Single Tooth Implant in Delhi - Before
    Single Tooth Implant in Delhi - After

    Before & After All on Four

    All on Four Dental Implants in Delhi - Before
    All on Four Dental Implants in Delhi - After

    Before & After Implants OPG

    Dental Implants OPG - Before
    Dental Implants OPG - After


    What’s the advantage of dental implants?

    Dental implants can improve your speech and chewing function. Also, it can give you a beautiful smile. Risk of tooth decay /fracture is very low.

    What if I don’t get dental implants for my missing teeth?

    Ignoring the empty space of missing teeth can cause problems like misalignment of teeth, loss of bone will continue further and collapse bite due to multiple missing teeth. Getting dental implants will enable you to have a healthy bite of your favorite food and prevent the bone loss and misalignment of existing teeth.

    What are the types of dental implants?

    There are two types of dental implants – endosteal and subperiosteal. Endosteal implants are made of titanium and have small screw like shape. These dental implants are fixed in the jawbones beneath the gums. The subperiosteal implants are fixed on or above the jawbone of the patients whose gums are not healthy enough for the dental implants. In the case of unhealthy gums the techniques used to rebuild the bone are bone augmentation, sinus lift and ridge expansion. Other techniques include 3D imaging, immediate load dental implants, mini dental implants and all-on-4 dental implants.

    How do I know whether I’m a candidate for dental implant or not?

    If you have a single missing tooth or multiple teeth than you can be a candidate for dental implants. However, you should visit our expert dentist to know for sure. This is because the health of gums and jawbone plays an important role in getting dental implants which can only be examined by the professional.

    What are the risks involved in dental implants surgery?

    The risks involved in dental implants surgery are infection at the site of implant, nerve damage, injury to the surrounding structures, and sinus problems. These are minor risks and can be easily taken care by our expert implantologist. Make sure to visit our dentist at Abhirachna Dental clinic in order to get proper and best implant treatment.