Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

If you are tired of worrying about shaving, tweezing or waxing the unwanted hair then laser hair removal can be a perfect solution. Achieve a soft and smooth hair free body with this ultimate treatment.

But what is Laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that aims at providing a permanent solution for unwanted hair. A highly concentrated laser beam is used to destroy hair follicles. You can get laser hair removal treatment for your entire body – face, arms, under-arms, legs, bikini line and other areas. The treatment is very effective and precise as it targets dark, coarse hair. At our centre we use US FDA approved laser machines which offer a more precise and pain free solutions

The procedure

Before undergoing the treatment your hair will be trimmed to a few millimeters right above the skin surface. We will adjust the laser equipment depending on your hair color, thickness and location, and your skin color. After this, the practitioner will apply a cool gel to protect the outer layer of your skin. It will also allow the laser light to penetrate into hair follicles. The next step will be to focus a pulse of light at the area of hair that is being treated. Hereafter, the professional will wait for a few minutes to check for bruises or other bad reactions that may occur due to laser light usage. Once the procedure is done we provide you with ice-packs, anti-inflammatory lotions or creams to apply in the treated area. This will ease the discomfort. After this you will be asked to continue the treatment until the hair stop growing completely.

Laser Hair Removal in Delhi

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Laser hair removal cost in Delhi starts at Rs. 2000. The cost may increase depending on the type of treatment you want. The cost depends on number of factors like:

  • Size of area to be treated
  • Time spent in finishing the treatment and number of sittings required
Laser Hair Removal in Delhi


    Am I eligible for laser hair removal treatment?

    If you have dark, coarse hair and light skin, and want permanent hair reduction, then you can be a good candidate for the treatment. Both men and women can get the treatment done. Most of the males are now opting for beard shaping. Make sure you consider large area size for the treatment. The treatment can be performed starting from face, to full body.

    What are the side effects or risks of laser hair removal?

    The side effects or risks of the treatment are redness, tenderness, swelling, crusting, scarring and irritation, temporary change in skin color, infection, burns and blisters. These side effects are temporary and can be easily treated by lotions or creams prescribed by the dermatologist.

    3.Is the treatment painful?

    The treatment is less painful as compared to waxing. However, if you have less tolerance for pain then we may prescribe you numbing cream for the treated area.

    Is there any risk of radiation exposure?

    No. The laser removal treatment does expose you to any radiation. This is because the equipment used produces “non-ionizing radiation” – which is just a series of energy waves travelling at the speed of light.

    How long does the laser hair removal treatment last?

    The treatment is permanent which means it will first reduce and then stop the hair growth. Any re-growth of hair can be managed with few touch-up treatments every six to twelve months.