Gums Treatment

Gums Treatment

Gums disease is a result of poor oral hygiene. Most of people do not follow a good oral hygiene regimen. Their ignorance causes the gums to inflame which leads to severe gum disease. Swollen gums can cause unbearable toothache and discomfort which requires immediate treatment. We at Abhirachna Dental clinic provide gum diseases treatment that can help you to get rid of bleeding and swollen gums.

Gum diseases

In general gum diseases refers to the inflammation of the soft tissue. Gum disease has two stages or types – Gingivitis and Periodontal (or Periodontitis). Gum diseases can be caused by unhealthy oral habits that allow bacteria to form a thick biofilm called plaque.


Gingivitis is an early stage of gum disease. It causes inflammation in tissues which can be treated by regular professional cleaning of teeth once in six months. This kind of disease is reversible.


Periodontal disease is an advanced type of gum diseases. Unlike gingivitis it is irreversible. Developed after a prolong treatment of gingivitis, it is a result of bacterial growth in mouth. In its advanced stage, periodontal diseases can cause mobility of teeth and discomfort on chewing. If left untreated for a long time then it destructs the tissue and bone that surrounds your teeth and eventually the loss of teeth itself.

Gums treatment in Delhi

It important to find a clinic that have best dentist for gums treatment. Abhirachna Dental clinic provide the patients best quality gums treatments in Delhi. Gum surgeries are performed by our experienced dentists. The clinic promises to perform gum treatments in South Delhi at a affordable price. The cost of surgeries for gum treatments starts at Rs. 10,000. Some gums treatments provided by the clinic are gum grafting, flap surgery and bone grafting.

Gums Treatment in Delhi - After

    Before & After Perio Gums Treatment

    Perio Gums Treatment in Delhi - Before
    Perio-Gums-Treatment in Delhi - After

    Before & After Scaling & Polishing

    Scaling & Polishing in Delhi - Before
    Scaling & Polishing in Delhi - After


    When should I schedule an appointment with my dentist?

    If you notice any swollen, tender or bleeding gums, and have the problem of bad breath then you should schedule an appointment immediately with your dentist. Waiting for too long will worsen the condition of your gums and may cause unbearable toothache.

    How is early gum disease treated?

    Early gum disease can be easily treated by proper brushing technique and removing plaque. Healthy oral habits like regular use of mouthwashes, interdental toothbrushes and brushing twice a day keep gum diseases at bay.

    What kind of foods can I eat after gums treatment or surgery?

    For a week or two you should eat soft and cool foods. Make sure to eat well cooked vegetables, yoghurt, cheese, ice cream etc. Avoid foods like meat etc that require more force to chew.

    How long does the gums surgery take to heal?

    Gums surgery usually takes a week or two to heal completely.

    How can I avoid gum diseases?

    You can avoid gum disease by following a healthy oral regime. Make sure to brush twice a day and floss your teeth regularly. Avoid eating sugary foods, and use of tobacco .Use a alcohol free mouthwash. Get your gums and teeth examined by our best dentist at Abhirachna Dental once in six months.